The inaugural issue (Volume 1, Issue 1) of SPECTRA is dedicated to showcasing an array of research from students from Virginia Tech. As such, topics in this issue provide insight into the depth and breadth of research that is being undertaken in affiliation with the ASPECT program. Diverse subjects are tackled in this issue rather than looking at one topic in particular. The issues addressed include the production of knowledge, the relationship between heritage and memory, liberation theology and neoliberalism, power and democracy, as well as an exploration of risk and danger are featured in this opening issue. We invite you to join the conversation and offer your perspective and insight on these topics. — The SPECTRA Production Team, August 2011

  1. Elisabeth Chaves – The Changing Nature of Intellectual Production
  2. Sandra Via – Striking Back at Neoliberalism-Liberation Theology
  3. Jon Bohland – Walking the Mnemonic Line: Developing a Civil War Heritage Industry in a Region Obsessed Lost Cause Memory
  4. Marcy H. Schnitzer – Radical Pluralism, Homo Sacer and the Subaltern: Representing the (un)Representable
  5. Courtney I.P. Thomas – Politicization, Deadlock, and Dispute: The Impacts of Post-1995 Linkages Between Codex Alimentarius Commission and the World Trade Organization
  6. ASPECT students – Interview with Arnold Farr

ISSN 2162-8793 online



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