This Special Issue explores the theme of the university. ASPECT Program students respond to an essay by Dr. Joseph Pitt (Professor of Philosophy, Virginia Tech) entitled “On the Idea of a University.” ASPECT student Jordan Hill is the Guest Editor for this Special Issue. He took the lead in coordinating the various essays. — The SPECTRA Production Team, December 2011


  1. Joseph Pitt – On the Idea of a University
  2. Jordan Hill – The University, Its Ideas, and Discontents
  3. Shien-Hauh Leu – Imperialistic Fantasies and the Future of the University
  4. Aaron Stoller – Communities of Practices and Ways of Knowing: Reclaiming Bildung in University Education
  5. Seth Bartee – What Happened to the American Scholar?
  6. Pamela Mullins – The Destruction and Origins of Knowledge
  7. Scott Tate – The Role of the University in Society: Exceptional Public Intellectuals or Engaged Interdisciplinary Neighbors?
  8. Barbara Okker Hassell – College Adjuncts as the 21st Century “One Dimensional Man”
  9. Hyunkyoung Cho – The Problem of Knowledge Provoked by the Collaborative Action of Technology and Human

ISSN 2162-8793 online



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