Submission Guidelines

SPECTRA Submission Guidelines

Submitting Your Work:

We eagerly accept scholarly articles for peer review, as well as book reviews, reflections, interviews, response essays, and other selected non-peer reviewed work.

E-mail all text submissions as Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx) or Rich Text Format (.rtf) attachments to the editor-in-chief (for the special issue, please submit your work to Special.Issue@spectrajournal.org). We also encourage multimedia texts, including podcasts, video compositions, and other creative works.

Authors retain copyright to their published work.

Submission of manuscripts for peer review
SPECTRA requires the submission of two versions of manuscripts for peer review, one anonymous and one attributed. All manuscripts must be submitted in a Word-compatible format to the editor-in-chief (Special.Issue@spectrajournal.org for the special issue) and use Chicago style citations (see below for additional submission guidelines).

Instructions for Attributed Files
On the cover page include (a) complete contact information for all contributing authors including graduate program, year in program, and email address (b) title, key words and abstract and (c) a brief statement as to how the manuscript contributes to the issue theme and is of interest to a broad audience (d) indication of interest in participating in a short interview describing your work for posting on the journal website.

Instructions for Anonymous Files
Email a complete version of the manuscript with no author names, addresses, or other identifiers to the editor-in-chief. (Special.Issue@spectrajournal.org for the special issue)

Manuscript preparation (all types including non-peer reviewed pieces)
SPECTRA uses Chicago citation style. For additional formatting information consult the Chicago Manual of Style 16th Edition. All references and citations should follow the Chicago guidelines.  Please use endnotes for all submitted work.

Manuscripts of 5,000 words or less (unless by permission of the editors) should be double-spaced, including references, and on 8 ½  x 11 paper using one inch margins.

Book Reviews
SPECTRA  welcomes book reviews. If you are interested in writing book reviews, please email the editor-in-chief. (Special.Issue@spectrajournal.org for the special issue.) The editor will add your name to a roster for upcoming reviews as books become available. Please let the editor know if you are interested in reviewing a particular book, and the journal will try to acquire a copy; however, this may not always be possible.

Book reviews may focus on a single work or several related works. Submissions should consider the purpose of the journal in book selection: a book review is not simply a summary and critique of a book, but views the book within the context of the larger academic discipline.  Appropriate book reviews should consider the background of the book’s author, the soundness of the argument and methods, and how the book fits into the larger academic debates raised within SPECTRA.

At the beginning of your review, please include the following information for the book(s) being reviewed:

  • Full citation in Chicago format
  • Hardback/Paperback
  • Cost
  • ISBN number
  • Title of the review
  • On average, book reviews should be approximately 1,500-2,000 words.
  • Submissions related to the theme of the edition are preferred, but not required

Multimedia Content
SPECTRA accepts a wide range of original multimedia pieces for publication. These works include, but are not limited to, podcasts, digital videos, internet-hosted texts, artwork, comics, and photography. You must own all music, images, etc. or have permission for any copyright materials included in the piece. Additionally, Multimedia pieces should relate to an issue’s theme.

If you have a multimedia piece that you would like to have considered for publication in SPECTRA, please email the editor-in-chief. (Special.Issue@spectrajournal.org for the special issue.) In your email, please include (a) complete contact information including graduate program, year in program, and email address, (b) the title, file format, and file size of your piece, and (c) a brief statement indicating how the piece relates to the issue’s theme.


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